The Top 15 Best Gifts for the Equestrian


With Christmas just four weeks away, the great gift scramble begins. For equestrians everywhere, this usually means one gift: anything with a horse on it.


Beat the humdrum this year, and buy the equestrian on your list something that’ll leave them wondering how you got so horse savvy. With our list of The Top 15 Best Gifts for the Equestrian, we’ve done all the hunting for you. From etsy to our local tack stores and everything in between, our list covers the fun, the fashionable, and the heartfelt. We’ve included all price ranges with direct links to purchase for your convenience. 


So, go ahead. Forego that generic horse calendar this year. Instead, give them a gift they’re sure to love, a gift that lets them spend more moments riding. 


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15. Grey Horse Candles$17 per candle, $46 for 3

14. Dimples Horse Treats, $24.95 per container

13. Swanky Saddle Engraved Tack Tag$25 per tag

12. A Horse Box$25+ per box


11. Friends For Tomorrow, $25+ per donation

10. Equestrian Coach, $29.99 per month; Dressage Training Online, $36 per month

9. Millbrook Leather Spur Covers, $30 per pair

8. Tory Personalized Belt from SmartPak, $35 per belt, $7.95 per nameplate


7. Monogrammed Crop from Wellesley Equestrian, $55 – $95 per crop

6. Magic Tack Browbands find in USA from City Barn, from Centerline Style,
$55 – $65 per base; $45 – $95 per insert

5. Haas Exklusiv Grooming Set, $145 per set

4. Talisman Fly Bonnet, $159+ per bonnet


3. Noel Asmar’s Leather Belt with Chrome & Matching Belt Purse; Leather Belt with Gold & Matching Belt Purse, $148 per belt; $114 per purse

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